Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Life Lessons

1. Don't beat up old men.

2. You can't pick your parents.

3. Medical school is actually a pre-requisite for surgery.

4. Pants are not worth $54 million.

5. Apparently, you can eat too many hot dogs.


Amy said...

My Thoughts:

-Old men are often the scrappiest little buggers.

-Don't get sick or pregnant in India. In fact, don't even go to India.

-The judge needs to be disbarred. And also bitch slapped.

Judy said...

Some kids once made the mistake of trying to mug a local fencing coach. On a rainy day. One of them doesn't see so well any more.

Joeymom said...

I love India. It's beautiful, and they have the same ratio of sane persons as we do. There are plenty of idiots pretending to practice medicine in this country, too. But I do advise sticking to city hospitals and taking someone with you (most hospitals in India require family or friends to do things like bring you food and linens- the hospital staff are not there to be servants).