Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Speaker's got a protegé

I got an email from someone who obviously doesn't read my blog very often. Either that, or she doesn't read it very well.

She suggested that I might be interested in joining the bitch session at her new website.

Sorry, sweetie, but I don't want to come to your slumber party. I'm sure it'll be fun for you and people like you, but, you and I, we're really not into the same things.

There's something very Speakeresque about the way that you claim to hate a profession that you are no longer working in.

"Well I have been out of work for a few months now and I am on my last dime. I was supposed to start a job that was a charge nurse position in a behavioral health unit and I could not drum up enough will power to go. I guess I would rather starve than be a nurse and put up with the politics and power struggles, the egos and gossips, the disfunctional [sic] needy patients and the even more disfunctional [sic] needy staff."
Honey, the above attitude doesn't make you a martyr. It makes you a non-contributing member of society. "I don't want to go to work because people are mean to me there. Waa- aaaa-aaaaa!"

And when you give a bunch of whiners a place to whine, check out what happens!
"I have 5-6 patients, so it's not a huge load like some hospitals, and I even went to nights hoping that would make it easier...but I seem to always fall behind. I talk to other nurses about their time management, try new things, but still it's a huge struggle. I loathe the job."
To which Mini-Speaker's response is,
"My opinion of your situation is that I think you are to [sic] good of a nurse!"
Um, let me get this straight. The only ones that fail are the good ones? Right. Gotcha.

There's also a Speaker-like rant about how she came to be unemployed because somebody was mean to her. I had flashbacks to fifth grade while reading this. (And no, I do not think that nurses should have to put up with abuse. But this story is just ridiculous on so many levels.)

And then there's Gary, who has a really long diatribe that hurt my eyes and brain, but right in the middle was the best part:
"We, as nurses, should think about the patient first. That is what makes us BETTER than physicians."
Because all that those big, mean, smelly doctors care about is making money.

Here's my instant analysis of Little Speaker and all of the other posting members on this site:

Nursing isn't the lollipops and rainbows that the career counselor promised it would be and I actually have to *sigh* work pretty hard and *gasp* think for myself on occasion and people poo and bleed and are mean to me and I want an easy job where someone will just hand me a paycheck and tell me how wonderful I am so I'm here to bitch about how hard it is to be me.

And what, exactly, made you think that I would be interested in your little project, Mini-Speaker?

I have a job, I'm good at my job, and my rants are about individual incidents, none of which have any effect upon my ability to actually do said job, nor my opinion about my career choice. I am not the type of burned-out, whining failure that appears to gravitate to your site.

So enjoy your unemployment bitch-fest. I'm going to bed. I gotta work tonight. And somebody might be mean to me, so I need to go charge up my batteries so I can handle it.


scalpel said...

It might be fun to troll there though.

GuitarGirlRN said...

I was just thinking the same thing. I have to practice my misspelling. Oh, wait, no one on that site can spell anyway.

Dustin said...

I think that you just provided fodder for a couple new topics.

1) Nurses who hate other nurses
2) People that have no sympathy for "burned out" nurses

Of course, I haven't visited the site, so those and many similar are probably already there.

Nurse K said...

Mini-Speaker, you complete me.

CrankyProf said...

MonkeyGirl, if you drop everything and come be my personal household nurse, I promise I'll be mean to you every single day, and give you lots to blog about.

And I'll make key lime pie.

MonkeySister said...

Did you see on her (is it a guy or a girl?) blog that she says that she has applied for a job at Verizon and another with the police department. As if customer service at Verizon could get any worse... and do you want that person walking around with a firearm?

Alexis said...

Ha! because no one's ever mean to police officers. Or customer service reps. Nosiree.....

mielikki said...

I am glad she isn't a nurse, anymore. (not that she ever was a *real* nurse. Anyone who thinks night shift is easier needs their head examined, and a lynching. Oops. Was that mean? I hope so.

William the Coroner said...

HEY WAIT! Crankyprof offered YOU key lime pie! What do I get for my autopsies, huh Cranky! HUH!!!

Tex said...

If these misspelling, people-hating, lazy, complaining, whiney-assed people want out of nursing....who are we to stop them? I just hope I never have to CARE them! Can you imagine what kind of patients they'd be??

Babs said...

Okay. Here's my favorite:

The one who wants out of nursing so desperately even as he/she is working on his/her Master's in Nursing. And why can't he/she get out of Nursing? Because he/she is too busy working on that Master's. Hellooooo?!!?!?!! Change majors?'s your sign.

RehabNurse said...

Thank you for this post. I was laughing so hard, I was coughing up all that phlegm from this nice bout of pneumonia I acquired (most likely) at work. (Way better than chest PT!)

I have done a lot of things in my almost forty years on this planet and I've learned that.

1) you can't please everyone
2) if you really hate your job, get a new one.
3) if said job is giving you an ulcer or other illness, get a new one.

The grass will always be greener on the other side. It only gets better on your side when you learn to water and care for it, and yes, occasionally add fertilizer.

Venting might provide some short term relief, but nothing in the long run.

And for the MSN student trying to get out of nursing...go get your MBA. You can still spend lots of money, get a master's degree (with pretty hood--only dun colored instead of apricot) and with a bad attitude, you still might be unemployed when you're done.

Life is too short to spend it all bit&h*&g all the time.

Twinkle said...

If you read the posts carefully, you can determine that mustangt562 is a he. It shouldn't make a difference, but somehow makes him seem all the
more whiny and pathetic.
This post on his blog cracks me up: