Thursday, July 5, 2007

Total Grossness

OK. I admit I'm not very ladylike. I don't own a dress. My idea of dressing up is wearing a nice shirt with my jeans. I discuss poo in public. I burp. I scratch things that itch. I talk about the fact that my new scrub tops make my boobs look bigger. I don't follow all the rules of proper social interaction.

I did not, however, realize this:

You Are 96% Gross

Ewwww! You really have some disgusting habits.
Now go take a shower... with extra soap.


Joeymom said...

I'm only 44%. Whew!

Jane said...

Ooh, I'm 88%. Eh....lifes too short to worry about most of the crap on that list

Anonymous said...

OMG - I'm 12% gross: but hey, I have florid OCD, so that's not too much of a surprise ;)