Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Where I'm not going for the 4th of July

I will not be visiting Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. I like my feet. Well, I don't like them much, but I do like them attached to my ankles.

I will not be going to Boomers. I like to think, talk, walk, eat, you know, all of those things that traumatic brain injuries potentially screw up.

I will not be dropping by Rye Playland. If the people who work there aren't even safe, I don't have a chance.

I don't intend to stop over at Disneyland Paris. Well, mostly because it's in France.

I have no plans to go to Magic Springs and Crystal Falls. Holy Crap! Can you imagine?

Of course, the main reason I won't be visiting any of these places is because I'll be working in our lovely ER for 12 hours, taking care of the drunks who inevitably fall in the firepit, the drunks who burn themselves with fireworks, and the drunks who get beat up by Sumdood. (Sumdood likes the 4th of July.)

Have a good one!


Mother Jones RN said...

Hey, Monkeygirl, let's call into work today and go to Disneyland Paris together. Oh wait, can you lend me about $3,000 so I can go?

Have fun with all of those drunks.


geena said...

And then we in CCU get the drunks that have to be admitted and detoxed.

Woo hoo. Happy Independence Day.