Thursday, July 5, 2007

Comments on comments

So I was contemplating.

I usually get an average of about 5 comments on my posts. Unless it's really funny or I really piss someone off, and then I'll get 10 or 12. I'm quite proud if I get more than 15.

If it wasn't for Sitemeter, I would think that I only had about 20 people reading this blog. But Sitemeter says there's anywhere from 500 - 700 during the week, and around 400 on weekends. (That in itself boggles my mind.)

But I really like comments. Even the ones that don't agree with me. Well, except the crayzees. But they usually just go bug Nurse K. And Doc Dino. Anyway, comments make me happy.

But I don't comment very often on other blogs, (though I read a ton of them every day), and I don't usually reply to comments on my blog, with a few exceptions. I figure that I've said what I have to say in my post, and comments are for people to respond to what I've said.

Besides, I rarely check back to the comments I make on other blogs, so I figure people don't check back on their comments here, either.

So what's the common consensus amongst my reading population?
Are more comments better?
Should the blog author respond to individual comments?
Should I comment more on the blogs that I read?
Does the fact that I don't allow anonymous comments cut down on the amount I get?

I'll allow anonymous comments for a bit; tell me what you think.

I'm mostly just curious, but feel free to rant if necessary.


mielikki said...

I actually like the comments left on my blog, and tend to answer them. But if I had a gazillion of them, I doubt I would. I comment on other people's blogs as well, when I have something to say (obviously, because here I am, on yours.)

Polly said...

I like comments as well and normally reply to the ones I get. When I make a comment it doesn't really bother me if the blog author replies or not, though 9 times out of 10 they do.

As far as commenting on blogs that you read- I normally comment if I feel I can say something that will contribute to the discussion or if my experience will help.. Just depends I guess.

Maggie Rosethorn said...

Hi, MG. I usually lurk unless I really have something to say (especially because I read you at work...)

Hope that your workday wasn't too busy, and that Sumdood stayed out of sight.

Abi said...

I don't like it when you need a Google account to leave comments - it really annoys me! As long as the 'Other' option is there, it's fine.

As far as replying to comments is concerned, I think that you should do sometimes, but only if you have anything to add. Most of the time I don't think it's necessary.

Great blog, by the way; very well-written and prolific (what more could I possibly want?).

Ambulance Driver said...

No comment. ;)

Actually, I like comments. If the only reply I can make to 'em is "LOL" or "me too!" I usually say nothing.

Anony Blogger said...

I don't have a blogger account, and don't wish to sign up. several times I've wanted to comment, and just shrugged b/c of the hoops I didn't want to jump. I like your blog, read it 3 or 4 times a week - can't remember where I found the link, and have my RN cardio nurse friend reading it, too.

I blog on another service, and get just a few comments on each post - although I have 250-300 readers a week. I think they come by to look at my photography. I usually put up a few pix and comment on them.

Blog for yourself, and you'll be happier. those that worry about the hits and comments are just trying to win some kind of popularity contest, and the best bloggers don't play that.


CrankyProf said...

I lurk all over the place, and usually only leave comments periodically. I used to try to reply to all comments on my blog, but it got to be entirely too much, I reply occasionally, or e-mail the person privately...

I don't allow anon comments because I fucking HATE cowards, and there are too many "strafe and run" assholes out there who never add anything constructive.

Bubbles said...

I have wanted to comment plenty of times in the past but am too lazy to go look up my gmail password.

I agree with crankyprof about anonymous comments, for the most part, but have been known to leave comments as "anonymous" because of aforementioned laziness or inability to find said password.

I actually like to read the comments, though. I don't care if the blog writer replies to any of them, including mine.

This is one of my absolute favorite blogs, BTW.

NAP said...

Personally, I would to see more comments, just I know that someone is reading my new blog,

Once again, that's

(Shameless hype, I know).

But, MG, I read your blog every day and almost never comment. But I still show up.

#1 Dinosaur said...

Comment or not.

Respond to comments or not.


It's a free country and a big wide internet out there. Plenty of room for those who refuse anonymous crazies and those who let everyone in and those who refrain from participating in their comment trails and those who answer every comment and...

You get the idea.

(Google doesn't know me anymore. Whenever I go to sign on I have to re-set my password. I'm travelling right now and can't be bothered, hence many thanks for the "other" option.)

Loving Annie said...

Good Thursday morning Monkeygirl,

To me a blog is akin to talking with a friend, albeit in cyber space.
I have something to say. I certainly like getting a response.

I think everyone likes getting comments on their posts. Whether you agree or disagree, or are just coming by to say hello for that day.

Otherwise, it's sort of like, well, I make the effort to talk to you about something I thought was worthwhile, why don't you make the effort to return the favor ?

If you don't like someone's blog, because the subject matter is offensive or you have nothing in common so you just aren't interested at all/feel uncomfortable, well, that is your choice.
Then I can understand why you wouldn't ever comment on it.

But then I'd figure you weren't linking it either.

If I notice that I am commenting on someone's posts -- and they rarely bother to comment on mine, eventually I stop commenting as well.
I figure they are treating me the way that they want to be treated.

Sometimes I respond back to people on my comments, and they appear to really like it. And it does appear to increase traffic.
But that gets to be really time consuming, and I choose to seldom do that.
Going to visit everyone on my links every single day and leaving a comment for them is enough.

And refusing anonymous comments cuts down on spam, so that just seems to be common sense.

Loving Annie

DW said...

If I got fifteen comments, I'd have to spank it. I comment as often as I can, if I can add a little homor or insight.

lk said...

I don't have anything to say that the others haven't said.

I'd comment more often but I don't have a blogger account.

I pretty much read every day though.

Awesome Mom said...

I rarely respond to comments that are on my blog unless further clarification of the post is needed. I do like to have a conversation with blog owners sometimes but only if the way they post is designed to be conversational. If there are already too many comments I usually just skip commenting because I don't have anything to say that has not already been said.

Joeymom said...

It's your blog and a free country. Do as you like. ;) I like getting comments. It's kind of a "hi, I'm here, checking to see what you're up to! Have a good day!"

Nice to be remembered. ;)

Anonymous said...

I have been reading you for a couple of weeks, linked from a knitting blog, of all places! I love your blog, and have the same occupation although a very rural state. Our staff is... me. Or whatever nurse is on. And we call the MD when we have patients. We average 12pts in 24 hrs.
I have never signed anonymously before but I usually sign with my state and my first name.. but my state population is smaller than some cities.
I rarely read comments on your blog and have never posted here. If I do post, I go back to see if there is a response but it doesn't bother me if there isn't one.
I don't have a blog but plan to set one up next week. Not health related though, I think in a small community HIPPA would bite me sooner rather than later.
Keep up the great blogging.

Anonymous said...

I lurk regularly. I don't blog, so I don't have a blog identity to give, which means I'm often blocked from commenting at all. It's frustrating to want to comment, but not be able to. But hey, its a free world and I don't get offended.
In the blogs that allow anonymous comments, I don't mind leaving my e-mail address -- as long as its not given out to all the internets. Most of the sites that allow anon comments also have a some sort of next level where you need to enter a funny looking word or something that weeks out some of the spam. If I comment with a specific question, I do check back for a response.

Anonymous said...

Comments can be tricky, I tend to reply those I have something to say to. For instance now that I know you don't read replies to your comments. I now know you missed that I have a slew of other one liners to go along with the pencil.

Thanks for making me feel so welcome in the med blog world.

surfie said...

I'd comment more if anonys were allowed.


911DOC said...

mas y mas monkeyshines

Amanda said...

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a complete comment slut. I live for them, and try to respond to all of them even if it's along the lines of "thanks for stopping by!"

I also one of those who check back on other blogs to see if my comments have been replied to.

That said, my readership is usually about 30 folks a day (aside from the Ambulance Ride that AD took me on), with perhaps a couple comments from those 30 folks, so it isn't as if responding to my comments eats up a bunch of my day.

Eh, we all handle it differently according to personal tastes, our traffic, amount of comments, and how much time we have on our hands. I figure it's up to the blogger to set the tone on his/her own blog, and not worry if other bloggers have different ways of dealing with comments left on their blogs.

Nurse K, Generic ER Nurse said...

There's no obligation to respond to anyone's comments, but I think it attracts more readers when you get to somewhat reliably interact with the author of the blog.

I also try to check back on posts where I've commented, especially those that are part of a larger debate because someone will usually respond to what I've said or whatever. This limits my commenting somewhat because I don't want to have to monitor/remember 20 conversations.

capqb said...

I've only wanted to leave a comment here once (Well, twice if you count this one) but I'm not willing to get a google account to do it. I bet you'd get a few more commenters, but you'd get a lot more spam/haters/stalkers if you allowed anonymous comments. Do you feel like spending the extra time to delete BS? If not, stay with non-anon.

As far as replies to comments, it's only polite, but certainly not expected or required.

Alexis said...

don't worry. no matter what you choose, we'll still respect you in the morning.

Anonymous said...

I don't comment much on blogs myself, then I feel bad because I nagged them to add my blog to theirs. Kinda like I did with you, Mizz Monkey. I've also found that if I can come up with an offensive comment, whether I mean it or not, I can usually get a shit-ton of responses bashing me into the ground, and that's always good for some entertainment when I remember to check =).

Everyone read mine too now, it's in Monkey's blogroll, Servers are People Too

Reserved Stipulation said...

I don't mind comments on my blog, as I don't expect anyone to even read it! I like to comment, so I had to get a blog. :) Personally, I don't mind if someone replies to my comment on their blog or not. The only thing I don't like about blogger is you don't know if someone responds to you (a blog's commenter, not author) and you have to check back constantly. I'd rather receive notifications if I get a reply, which is impossible right now. I try to comment, even if it's not a meaty one, just to let my authors know that I am reading and enjoying their blog.

Wow, what a comment! :-p

Julie said...

Random comment to increase number of comments- thought of you on the 4th, as the flames raged acrossed the dunes and we loaded the pets into the cars. Thought I was gonna have you beat for total bad things happening to one house.
Miss you monkeygirl. New night tech with your name makes me want to cry in despair. "ER nurse who has seen and done everything" says HI.

geena said...

I don't care about comments. I just wish you'd set it so I could read your posts in my RSS feeder so that I didn't have to load your site every time.

Just, you know, a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

I feel really bad now...I have been reading for a little while and not commenting: I really love your posts, but I haven't had anything relevant to say, and after a while I'm sure that 'great post' would get banal...