Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I'm highly allergic to Stargazer Lilies. We just bought a house in January, and this spring, a multitude of lilies began sprouting all over the yard. I've been anxiously waiting to see what kind they are. Today one bloomed.

I was glad it wasn't a stargazer, but I didn't know exactly what it was. So I Googled "orange lily" and this is what Wikipedia says.

The Orange Lily or Fire Lily is a lily species native to Europe. When offered as a gift, the Orange Lily also signifies death to the recipient.

In a day or two, there will be about 10 blooming. My husband's crazy ex-wife is getting a beautiful bouquet of lilies.


Nurse Kelly said...

Do you have enough for my paranoid, alcholic, wife-beating ex-husband and his nutjob girlfriend?

911DOC said...

TAG! you are now requested to write a 'meme' for all of us huge fans. the rules are as follows and come from our mutual friend Bohemian Road Nurse...

You simply list eight random facts/habits about yourself. And feel free to write a little bit about those things if you'd like

screw the lillies.

ID Crossroads said...

Hi, I just came upon your blog from The Doc Whisperer. Nice posts. I'm going to blogroll you, if that's ok. I was sold after reading your post on fibromyalgia awareness. You are one brave lady. :)