Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It Seems So Trivial....

The rant I had planned for today no longer seems appropriate.

My thoughts go out to those directly impacted by yesterday's shooting at Virginia Tech.

LawDog was dead on and Marko made a couple of thought-provoking points that had me looking up info on concealed carry permits in my home state.

GruntDoc hit it from the flip side.

Beyond that, I got nothin'.

Go hug your kids.

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trenchdoc said...

Last week I took a tussle with a psychotic who was slinging his blood (from almost getting his hand cut off) at the staff... he kept reaching for his pocket as we subdued him.
Later we found several dozen .38 rounds in the pocket he was reaching for... had he not lost his pistol earlier that day old Trenchy might have met his fate.
Oh well, I'll just have to hope Haldol will be a good enough defense in the future.