Friday, April 27, 2007

Cops and Metallica

One of our esteemed City Police Officers moonlights as a rent-a-cop in the ED about once a week. We generally spend the majority of his 8 hour shift trading insults. He has a gun AND a Taser, so I try to keep it semi-nice, you know, in order to not be on the receiving end of a High Velocity Lead Treatment.

Last night he came in about 3 times with DUIs that needed a legal BA drawn. I razzed him a bit each time, and my parting shot at 5am was, "I'm getting off work in 2 hours, hurry up and clean those streets so I can make it home to bed!" Or something like that.

Fast forward to 0730. I'm 3 blocks from my house, (which is 30 minutes from the hospital), and I've got the window rolled down and Metallica S&M blaring to stay awake for *please God* just 2 more minutes. (And everybody knows that Michael Kamen was the best thing that ever happened to Metallica.) Enter the flashing red lights behind me. I look down- 25 in a 25, that's not it, not weaving (I don't think), nobody's out and about but the High School Hoodlums from the High School down the street, and their stereos are louder than mine, so that can't be it; not on the cell phone......WHAT THE HELL?

Esteemed City Police Officer steps up to the window...."License and registration, please...."

That's what we call getting the last word, folks.


The Platypus said...

Funny, once they catch sight of a stethoscope around my neck they apologize for wasting my time.

Geordon said...

I'm confused... Was he just rattling your cage or was it a "legit" stop? (You did have your seat belt on, right?)

Anyway, just goes to show you: "he" who has the most fire-power, wins. (and by "firepower" I mean "ability to mess with you BIG time!)

NocturnalRN said...

? what happened? why did he pull you over?