Friday, April 27, 2007

Dogs are people, too...

We're contemplating getting a couple of dogs once we fence in the backyard, so I've been thinking up dog names. Since people can name their kids any retarded thing they want, I've adopted the same approach with my dog names. Any suggestions will be appreciated!

  • Smegma & Phlegm
  • Haldol & Ativan
  • Pneumocystis & Pneumococcus (you know what they'll get shortened to...)
  • Thrombus & Embolus
  • Ennui & Apathy
  • Vilify & Vitriol
  • Sildenafil & Tadalafil
  • Drunk & Nekkid
  • Paroxysmal & Spasmodic
  • Corpulent & Hebetude


daedalus2u said...

That reminds me of an incident in my fraternity at an East Coast School about 30 years ago. One of the brothers didn't have a nickname, so he made an announcement that he wanted one, and he put up a list for people to put down suggestions.

Someone wrote in the suggestion smegma. He didn't know what it meant, so he looked it up, and was totally grossed out, came back an announced that that name was completely unacceptable and crossed it out.

Young men being what they are, that of course became his nickname.

Little Sister... the other one. said...

Have I not taught you anything? Animals are worse than children! I am NOT dogsitting for you...

MonkeyGirl said...

Animals are not worse than children. If I leave the 5-year-old at home all weekend unattended, I get in trouble with CPS. If I leave the animals at home, they feed themselves, sleep, and entertain themselves. Pets 1, Kids, 0. Wanna babysit?

Ambulance Driver said...

Hemi and Roid
Epi and Atropine
Tachy and Brady
Guaiac and Stool
Gram and Stain
Ischemic and Hemorrhagic (Skimmy and Hemo for short)
Demerol and Phenergan
Lortab And Soma
Seeker and Malingerer
Hoof and Parted (Call 'em really close together)
Penrose and Drain
Cyst and Abscess
Pap and Smear
Gonorrhea and Chlamydia
Emphysema and Bronchitis
Ascites and Varices

Hell, the possibilities are endless...;)

Just A Midwife said...

I personally like Ativan & Haldol...short, snappy, won't cause vomiting.

I've seen people name kids a million things, including real-life attempts to name kids Placenta or Meconium. But Smegma was ALWAYS my favorite.

How about Gonorrhea & Chlamydia? There's a pair that go together oh-so-well!

MonkeyGirl said...

I've had 3 Gonorrhea And Chlamydia suggestions at work, too. Smegma I can do. It's catchy. Ativan and Haldol, I can do. STD's I can not do. Sorry, folks.

megastein said...

Can I steal Ennui & Apathy from you for the new pooches we are adopting?

MyssiAnn said...

Equal and Reactive
Vanco and Cipro
Phat and Sassy (Okay, that has nothing to do with medicine, but I've seen some patients/families it applies to.)

TDubRN said...

Dyslexia and Effluvia (Lexi and Fluvie for short) (I stole that from Rita Mae Brown)

My pt named her twins Chip and Dale because she liked those dancers. Another named her twins James and Jim and could not be moved on the fact they were the same name. "No, they ain't!"