Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Variation on a Meme

911Doc thinks that I have nothing better to do than these damn meme thingees. In case you missed it, #1 was here, and #2 was here.

In honor of The Speaker's departure, (otherwise referred to as a month of sobriety) I have constructed a list of 8 random things that I remember/miss about her.

1. She was really good at block quotes.

2. She coined the phrase "Nursing Thuggery", leading to the creation of the "Nursing Thugs", a group that has, sadly, broken up.

3. She quit blogging, took her blog private, came back, and then quit again, so far, with no sign of her coming back.

4. Her ability to toot her own horn and feel sorry for herself all at the same time is equal to none.

5. She'd put up bizarre posts, then take them down. Unfortunately, she left most of the bizarre posts up. But we have an alternate record of some of the missing ones.

6. Her persecution complex was freaky in its intensity.

7. She had the hots for me. She linked me all the time.

8. My original Speaker post is still one of my favorite posts.

If you clicked all the links and didn't have a stroke, I'm impressed. I had to quit halfway through this post and take a break so I didn't have one, myself.

I think that the only person I can really tag for this meme is Nurse K.

But feel free to pick up any Crayzee-ness that I forgot. I know there's a lot more out there.

EDIT: Nurse K plays the meme game!


scalpel said...

That was a trip down memory lane.

911DOC said...

do you actually HAVE something better to do? hmm. go blue.

911DOC said...


check it out MG. i think you likey a lot.