Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pain Control

I was talking to my sister on the phone today, and she was telling me how my 2 year old niece has a fuzzy pink knit hat that she won't let out of her sight, or often, out of her grasp.

I had a fuzzy pink blankie once, that kept me warm and protected me from the zombies. Then one day my grandma decided it was too worn and she re-covered it with another layer of pink fabric, thus destroying its protective zombie repelling powers and turning it from a blankie to a regular blanket.

All of a sudden, in the background, I hear crying. My sister goes to check on the kids, and comes back laughing.

It seems that my 4 year old nephew fell and started crying, as 4 year olds are wont to do. My niece ran up to him and started petting him with her hat, and said, "Don't cry! Here, do you want to hold my hat? How about a story?"

I've got it figured out.

From now on, when the drug seekers come into my ER, they're gonna get a hat, and a story.

And you thought I didn't care.


Erica said...

I love it! They'll get a hat, and you'll learn a new vocabulary!

Penelope said...

How sweet. The methadone patients will just love it, I'm sure.


Joeymom said...

Do they have to be all pink hats?

Fiftyville said...

Okey-dokey, here you go!

Anonymous said...

A Bedpan is Not a Hat.

And you could for Christ's sake empty it before you jam it down around a drug-seeker's ears.

MonkeySister said...

Awesome! You better get started on your knitting... I'm sure those drug seekers are reading this and the line will start forming momentarily. :)

knitalot3 said...

The magic only works if you believe and it is sought by someone truly in need.

ERP said...

Or at least a Snoopy Dog stuffed animal (which was my transitional object growing up!).

Nurse K said...

How about a tinfoil hat at least?

I had a dog with long ears which I decided made it so the dog could fly. I had a ratty blankie too, and I even had a favorite corner of the blankie, and Hell hath no fury like giving Little Spoiled Nurse K the wrong corner of the blankie to hold before bed.

chuckr44 said...

I still have my baby blankie, I called "mucky" (I have no idea why). And I'm 39.

IT'S FOR SENTIMENTAL REASONS! (Or maybe just "mental" reasons.)