Sunday, September 14, 2008

Observations from my day

Yesterday I watched the best movie I've seen in a very long time and the worst football I've seen in a long time.

If you can tolerate the F-bomb (alot) and don't mind having to use your brain once or twice whilst watching a movie, you will love "Burn after Reading". I laughed through the entire movie. It was exactly what I expected it to be and totally fantastic.

Then I went home and watched football.

Dear God.

In the first 5 minutes of the Michigan-Notre Dame game, I threw everything within reach at the television. Seriously, could my team suck any worse? I did enjoy watching the freshman running back (who we referred to as the "fast little white guy") rack up 185 all-purpose yards, but jeez, did you have to spot 'em 21 points?

Last week my Chiefs got their asses handed to them by the Patriots, but they blew out Tom Brady's knee. This week my Wolverines got their asses handed to them by the Irish, but they blew out Charlie Weis' knee. What the hell?

(On a side note: Who is Charlie gonna find to do his knee surgery? He doesn't have a very good reputation as a patient....)

Then, to cap it all off, I watched one of the most over-rated teams in football, The Ohio State Buckeyes, be decapitated by the dynastic USC Trojans. Quite literally, the only match-up possible where I would root for the freakin' Trojans.

3 points? The #5 team in the country was only able to score a field goal? I thought their ranking was a bit, shall we say, inflated. Proof positive.

Go Blue!


Pharmacy God said...

I was at work during the Michigan game, listening to it over the computer. It made me sick.

But on the bright side, THE Suckeyes lost. I can handle losses when it's a new coach but, c'mon, Tressel's been there 8 years and that's all they can put up against USC.

Will the Suck-O-Meter make an appearance on your sidebar this year?

Flo said...

Yay! Another Chiefs fan :)

Anonymous said...

And OSU has beaten Michigan how many years in a row now? :)

WhiteCoat said...

I didn't have the heart to send you an e-mail about the Michigan game, but I was thinking about you ;-)

Anonymous said...

But at least UCLA got creamed by BYU

EE said...

Football is weird this year.

medicjajs said...

thought the movie was great and maybe you should try watching the steelers....

Penelope said...

I am so totally jealous. I've been looking forward to "Burn After Reading" since I saw the preview last summer. And guess what:

I live in the greater Houston/ Galveston area. Yep, power is only back to 65 percent. Movie theaters are merely a dream at this point.


Jaws said...

Monkey Girl: although your Chiefs got stomped by NE, I hope this will help ease the pain.

...the first 45 seconds are slow but then it becomes nearly as hilarious as your blog!