Monday, August 11, 2008


I took care of a 65 year old gentleman the other day that had a stroke 3 months ago. It left him unable to feel or move most of his left side.

He had a lump on his left calf, and since he couldn't tell if it hurt or not, his wife brought him in, concerned that he might have a DVT.

He and his wife had a very good routine down for transferring him from his wheelchair to the bed, and I commented on how well he was moving. His wife said, "We've been going to Rehab twice a day, and we work for several hours a day at home, as well."

I told her that I was impressed with how well the Rehab was going.

He piped up with, "Yup. I haven't had a drink since I went to Rehab. 3 months, one week, and 5 days."

Some patients put a smile on your face that stays there for hours. He was one of them.


Amy said...

I rehabbed my grandma after her brain surgery.

RehabNurse said...


I love it! When I tell people I work on a rehab unit, they always think my people are drinking or doing drugs.

Most of them aren't anyway...those SCIs are a bite!

911DOC said...

rehab is for quitters.

God bless 'ya amy and rehabnurse (and you too MG).

Beastarzmom said...

hee hee. Good thing most strokes don't impact wit!

Brandi said...

Yes it is nice when you have a patient that is actually nice and makes you smile. You dont get to many of them anymore!