Friday, April 25, 2008


I'm a bit burned out at the moment.

As soon as I can turn all of my gripes into something entertaining instead of something whiny, I'll post them for your reading pleasure.

In the meantime, I'm just going to sit here and hate my job.

Normal MG will be back soon. I hope.


MonkeySister said...

Not forgiven. Life sucks sometimes. Suck it up. Snap out of it... Get back on that horse and give me some good material. Heck, at least comment on my blog... :)

As a side note, my 20 month old is trying to crawl through the cat door right now. Nice visual, eh?

Hugs and Kisses! Miss you!

Evil Lunch Lady said...

Feel better and sit back and have a nice rest:)

GuitarGirlRN said...

Sorry you're feeling toasty, MG.

Take a break and come back soon! We'll be waiting for you!

Sarah said...

I think everyone in this field understands...get some rest.

Devorrah said...

I hope you feel better soon. I enjoy your blog!

Elaine said...

My mother always used to say to me "Keep ALL those chins up" ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey MG,
Paul's patient came in again the other night and he went right in to see her. Yes, she did remember him! Ask him next time you see him.
Anonymous Poster of the Friendly Variety

Rob,Linda & Captain Cubster said...

Quit your job do something different. Then come back to it, you will be a better provider. After 20 years as a medic I was so done, I quit and went sailing for 3 years then stopped in Guatemala in a small hospital to volunteer. I found I still loved medicine I just needed a little break . It was the best six months ever.

mojitogirl said...

Hey, it happens. Be extra good to yourself for the next few days. If that means massage/manicure/pedicure or just escaping for 2 days behind a good book eating chocolate in bed, DO IT!! Life is short!

If you have a terminal case of it, you might want to check out OUR little ER in Paradise!

Love the blog, check you out at least 2xweek. Keep it up. Sanity hangs in the balance!