Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Why I'm not posting this week

My attitude sucks.

I 'm not burned out, I just hate everything and everyone. When I vent about the things that suck, I get accused of being an uncaring bitch that should go find an office job.

So I'll let someone else vent and I'll just add an "Amen".

ERNursey is in my brain about staffing, supplies, dirt, etc. (We work every shift short, nothing freakin' works, and the place is filthy. Jeez!)

Nurse K is in my brain about crappy nurses that are gonna kill someone. (PS: If you're a crappy nurse and you just hasten along the death of someone that would have died anyway, that's bad, too.)(PS#2: My hospital is not union. We're just scraping the bottom of the barrel, no, under the bottom of the barrel, when it comes to hiring new nurses.)

RT 101 is in my brain about who I should feel compassion for. (Repeat after me: "A Cold is not an Emergency. A UTI is not an Emergency. Chlamydia is not an Emergency." Go to the freakin' health dept in the morning, you dumb jackass. And stop dragging your kids out in the middle of the night for your fix. Just because you don't have a job doesn't mean they shouldn't be in school.)

And if you haven't already, go over to AD's and read this post that sums up in 5000 words or less why I lust after him luuuurve him so much. It'll make you end all the madness with a smile. (Or a spew of Diet Coke onto the keyboard.)


GuitarGirlRN said...

Not only are you uncaring and evil, but you are probably also sexist and racist too.

I know I am! As Emergency Em said recently, "Dude, you sure do attract trolls in your blog, dumb trolls if that!"

Penelope said...


Chlamydia isn't an emergency???

What if your pee is blue? Is that an emergency, or does it mean you should probably hold off on the blueberry snowcones?

I always thought one was to use the emergency room in situations involving blood, unconsciousness, bones poking out of places in which bones should not, etc.

Personally, I hate the ER-- too many people freaking out and sick.

-- Karen

Nurse K said...

Know what else sucks? Tonight is my night off and no one wants to go out.

Friends with "real jobs" suck ass.

EE said...


or some shit...

the anonymous therapist said...

You do seem to attract all the dumb trolls. I guess that fast wit and potent sarcasm are potent dumb-ass attractors.

I feel your pain, and I hope you feel better eventually.

The little tech that does... said...

Hang in there!

mielikki said...

the trolls are secretly envious of you and your amazing wit. And probably angry 'cause nothing they say seems to make much sense.....