Monday, March 3, 2008

Love this guy. Love. Him.

UNC has been my favorite college basketball team for 3 years.

Tyler Hansbrough has been my favorite college basketball player for 3 years.

Here's one reason why.

They gotta beat Duke on Saturday. They just gotta.


Anonymous said...

It's just those arms.

Xtine said...

Every so often, some of those kids come down the road and pollute our campus.

I interacted with Hansbrough some time ago, when he come into my work (campus job at NCSU). He's polite, and doesn't have the 'I'm a star athlete, so you're inferior'. So there's another reason for you to love him :-P (even if I can't)

911DOC said...

dear mg,
i like you even more now. go 'heels! beat DOOK (the university of new jersey, durham).