Sunday, December 2, 2007

You don't say....

Quotes of the weekend:

"The ultrasound tech told me I was six weeks along, but my doctor told me on Friday that I was a month and a half."

"My pain.... It hurts."

(On the phone) "My girlfriend is 9 months pregnant, and her contractions are 3 minutes apart and I think she just peed herself or something. What should we do?"


Nurse K said...

What should we do?

"Do ANYTHING but come to the Emergency Department."

Ed said...

What should we do?

Remember how you used to play baseball and you were a catcher? Remember where you put away your old catcher's mitt? You'll be wanting that.

John McElveen said...

Squat, Drop it, and Roll it (in a blanket!)

You can't smoke a baby)- less it's a Crack Baby! Of Course it's a Crack baby- that's what it just came out of--sheesh, and I thought I was dumb!


ERnursey said...

I agree with nurse K, the answer to number three is an adamant "DON'T COME HERE!"

Ray said...

I would believe the Doctor, he has had more training.