Thursday, November 22, 2007


I'm thankful that my mommy not only still loves me, but she still speaks to me after all the crap I put her through during my "rebellious" stage.

I'm thankful that I have a sister that has no problem using her uterus for something other than decorative purposes, so that I didn't have to produce any grandchildren for my parents to spoil.

I'm thankful that my husband not only cooks, he does the dishes.

I'm thankful that I have a sister who remembers all the same bizarre things about our childhood that I do. Reminiscing is much more better when the other person isn't looking at you like you're crazy because they don't recall whatever weird occurrence you're talking about.

I'm thankful that even though I only call my brother when I want something, he still answers the phone and helps me with whatever my "tiny problem" is.

I'm thankful that all of the things that I bitch and moan about are trivialities. Some people have real problems.

I'm thankful that I'm getting paid time and a half right now to do half as much work because it's Q-U-I-E-T.

I'm thankful that I'm not a vegetarian. What's the point of Thanksgiving without turkey?

I'm thankful that all of the PRN nurses that never work anymore (see my rant about that here)have to pick up shifts during the holidays. It's nice to have the A-Team back, even if it's only for 8 hours. Especially when the head-on MVA with 4 serious/critical patients comes in. Besides, everyone needs a smack on the ass and a "Good game!" every once in a while.

I'm thankful that nobody puked, peed, or pooped on me last night.

I'm thankful that the neuron that fires when it's time to use the turn signal is functioning in my brain. So many people in this world are missing that neuron. And they're always in front of me.

I'm thankful that 911Doc uses the 'shift' key in his posts, even if he can't figure out how to use it in the comments.

I'm thankful that I'm not a Notre Dame fan.

What are you thankful for?


Impetua said...

Too many things to mention, Monkeygirl. Mostly my beautiful, healthy child, the roof over my head, the food in my belly, the love in my family. That my mother is safe and has a good life now. That my brother is happy. That I start nursing school in six weeks and finally have a good excuse to buy a pda.

Thanks for listening. Good night to you.

Nurse K said...

1) My divorce attorney
2) The kid that sold me my security system
3) The guy that taught me how to fire a gun
4) 911doc's ability to write blog posts whilst using the shift key at mostly appropriate intervals, although there is room for improvement.


Oh yeah, and my kid who is annoyingly polite and smart + my mom who always helps me out, including tonight where she is forgoing going out with her friends so she can watch my son so I can go see a heavy metal band and have a few beverages.

mom said...

You...rebellious years and all!

Anonymous said...

1)recession-proof career
2)being American
3)that my kid is now past her rebellious years
4)second chances at love - and third chances

mielikki said...

and everyone else who is making my life fun and not boring right now!

911DOC said...

family, our soldiers and sailors and marines and airmen, our country, my job, the folks i work with, my patients, most of my colleagues, and college football (watching LSU v AK now with another thriller).

Nurse K said...


Here's a deal I'm willing to make. Starting from Saturday (tomorrow) until next Saturday, if you consistently use the shift key appropriately as well as appropriate punctuation, I'll come back to blogging. If you agree and succeed, it's a deal. What do you say?

Otherwise, if you stay with lower case letters or slip up even with one comment, I'll just keep putzing along as I was previously planning, perhaps returning in 2008, perhaps not.

911DOC said...

It's a deal. I didn't know I didn't punctuate well though! Maybe I'll just be quiet for a week?

Nurse K said...

Nope. That's cheating. Lack of regular commentary will be judged as apathy toward the cause. I was only saying punctuation needed to be good because I wanted to prevent a situation where you'd fix the lower case letters and, instead, rattle my chains by goofing up the punctuation instead. Don't worry, if there's a missing comma here or there or whatever, I won't freak out.

Your first comment is excellent. You're well on your way to crass-pollination again.

911DOC said...

Thank you Nurse K.

Nurse K said...

Since you've accepted, I will now open my blog with "the challenge" on there. All these people who keep emailing and demanding to read my archives can be satisfied in the meantime.

MY OWN WOMAN... said...

I miss Crass-pollination. I punctuate appropriately most of the time and I use the shift key correctly. I think "mass punishment" is wrong and just because 911 doc is bad, that doesn't mean the rest of us who try to be good little boys and girls should be punished. Mr. 911 doc, please be a good boy so the rest of the world can live better via Crass. Thank you.

Nurse K said...

Feel free to alert 911 if he accidentally leaves a lower case comment. He can always delete it before I find it.

MonkeySister said...

My uterus thanks you. I'm done with it now though, if you want to borrow it. :) On second thought, you can just take it. Then I won't have a monthly "friend" anymore... That would be a happy day!

Anonymous said...

grammer police:

"More better," Monkey Girl? Tsk tsk.

MonkeyGirl said...

""More better," Monkey Girl? Tsk tsk."

Tongue in cheek and private joke.

But thanks for playing.