Saturday, October 6, 2007

When God speaks, Richard Roberts listens

Just in case you are of the opinion that God speaks in confusing, sometimes archaic terms, here is an actual quote from God via Richard Roberts, son of Oral Roberts and head of Oral Roberts University.

"We live in a litigious society. Anyone can get mad and file a lawsuit against another person whether they have a legitimate case or not. This lawsuit ... is about intimidation, blackmail and extortion."
Nothing confusing or archaic about that. It is a bit convenient, though, considering that Roberts is under investigation for misappropriation of University funds.

Bummer. Maybe he should have listened to the part where God said "Thou shalt not steal."

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Babs RN said...

Yeah - they're under an internal investigation by their own university. Where are the feds on this?

You'd think they'd have learned something from Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker's situation (or Jim's subsequent book "I Was Wrong" which is actually a very good and humble read).'d think they'd have learned something from their own biblical values. These people, Roberts Sr, and others like them have always, always, always turned my stomach. There has got to be a special place in Hell for people like them.