Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tongue in cheek

This would make a SPECTACULAR Home Depot commercial.

And I thought I had a Home Depot addiction.


SuperStenoGirl said...

Is it strange that I found the couple's age difference to be more interesting than the theft? The theft was pretty low too - but then, what do you expect from a craigslist responder?

MonkeySister said...

My home improvement supply store addiction is to Lowe's. Their stores are so much nicer and customer friendly... Did I tell you that I liked their stores so much I bought stock in it? I know... I need help. Come on! Give me a break, it was Lowe's and Target for my first leap into personal finances online. Two places I love to shop. How can I go wrong?

911DOC said...

and lo Moses saideth, go down to the wedding in Canaan and stealeth thou home depot gift cards so that the people may know that i am God.