Saturday, September 15, 2007

Things I noticed during the Michigan game

2. Notre Dame really sucks this year. And if the quarterback that started the first game for you has already transferred to another school, I'm guessing the ship is indeed sinking fast.

3. Charlie Weis nauseates me.

4. Watching this big ole goofy white guy grin every time he did ANYTHING, good or bad, reminded me why I love college football. He threw his first completion in a college game and grinned. He tripped and fell down during a play, and bounced back up grinning. He threw a touchdown and grinned. He handed off to Hart and grinned. He stood on the sidelines and grinned. Granted, they were stomping on Notre Dame, but watching him enjoy himself so much was refreshing. You don't see that in the NFL.


Aggie Sarah said...

I absolutely agree about loving college football. Those guys have a love for the sport that seems to leave once they hit the NFL. WHOOP to college football! (sorry, I'm an Aggie, we always Whoop!)

MonkeySister said...

Did you notice that the kid was born in '88! I remember '88! Crap! When did I get so dang old? You must feel ancient... you are my "older" sister and all... :)

Pharmacy God said...

I think you should leave the MGoBlue up as a link on the side of your blog.



Michignan Nursing Alum said...


911DOC said...

was at the game. two observations...

1. notre dame really does suck badly and i don't even dislike them and am not a michigan alum. they suck. hard.

2. the 'big house' can not possibly hold more than 60,000. it just didn't seem that big.

great day. great atmosphere. great town. fuzzy sweater weather. love it. love it. love it.

Anonymous said...

3. Charlie Weis nauseates me.