Friday, September 14, 2007

MonkeyHusband Humor

MonkeyHusband got a card offering a "discounted rate" on Playboy in the mail yesterday. When I wondered how they got his address, he said, "Apparently if you have subscriptions to Scientific American, The Economist, and Smithsonian, they figure there's no chance in hell you're ever gonna get laid, so they sell your address to Playboy."


Anonymous said...

I had a subscription to the 'boy a few years ago, it was so cheap as to be almost free, but it's really a pointless magazine. And the girls in the photo spreads are so full of silicone, it's like looking at a plastics engineering journal.

Ron said...

MH should have used the offer to send a subscription to a non-suspecting friend.


Eric, AKA The Pragmatic Caregiver said...

$12 offer just showed up in my mail yesterday too.

But I'm going to take them up on it, despite being, um, *not so much into boobs anymore*.

I really do read it for the articles. Playboy is also one of the few american outlets for short fiction of the legitimate variety.

And there's always at least one joke worth repeating.

In short, if you haven't read Playboy since you were boob-obssessed, you might be surprised as to how good some of the features are. They've also had some of the best writing about the war.


Mark said...

Is that why they are sending it to me? I've got Scientific American, Smithsonian, National Geographic, Discover, Discovery, Mother Earth News, and National Geographic Kids, being sent to my house.

John McElveen said...

HaaaaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Way Cool!


The other Vanda said...


NYC EMS said...

I read Playboy for the in depth articles.