Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Night Observations

1. Andy Reid is not Mike Shanahan.

When Mike Shanahan ices the kicker, Janikowski hits the uprights and the Broncos win. When Andy Reid ices the kicker, Joe Gibbs changes his mind and the offense trots back on the field to score a touchdown.

2. When pissy, back to back to back Guinness improves your mood exponentially. Especially if slammed while munching fresh chocolate chip cookies.

3. I live in a subdivision with sidewalks. One of the only ones in town with sidewalks. People insist on walking their dogs, kids, etc in the street. Get off the street, you dumbass. It's dark outside. Your fat ass will make an un-lovely dent in the hood of my Honda.


ERnursey said...

Darwin at work. The people who choose to walk in the street that is.

CrankyProf said...

Fuck the goddamn Eagles this season. Seriously.

They looked pathetic last night.

I am so tired of "my team" sucking.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Well -- I won't say anything bad about the Eagles, because my boy Westbrook won me my first Fantasy Football game last night. :) Woot!

Oh... and as for Mike Shanahan all I can say is "The RAIDERS won that damn game and he knows it!" grumble..grumble...grumble says the die hard Raiders fan. ;p

#2.) Guinness?? GUINNESS ?? yech! If I wanted to eat bread I would... who wants to have to strain their beer through their teeth? ick!

Give me a nice light brewed Hefeweisen anyday of the week. Oh, with a slice of orange please, because girls get to fruit their beer. hee..hee..hee...


mielikki said...

Firstly, LOVE THE GUINESS. Right there with you on that one.
And its funny, b/f and I had that conversation about the Reid-Shanahan thing last night. Great minds think alike.

Anonymous said...

My monday night obs is you should get your ass off the couch & come to work so I don't have to deal with her!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much!