Friday, July 27, 2007

Those who are much better than I.....

.....have compiled a story entitled "Perspectives", a three part story written from three different points of view.

"The following events are not fictional, but they may have happened at different times, with different patients, at different places. Each one of the authors has had patients just like these, in situations just like those described. If you want to know what it's like to live a day in the life of an ambulance driver, or a small town cop, or a small town ER nurse, join us for the story. It's the same story. On the same night. With the same people. "
Go read Matt's part first. Then swing by and read Ambulance Driver's. And then read Babs' finale.

It's enthralling reading. Keep the Kleenex close by. Especially for the end of Babs' part.

You guys are fantastic. Thank you.


Matt G said...

Thanks for the compliments, MonkeyGirl. You know read your stuff quite regularly for entertainment.

The collaboration thing actually worked better than I had imagined that it would. AD seems to think that we've got some more in us.

I personally can think of only a couple more intersections of our experiences, based on my own. But we'll see.

Babs RN said...

Monkeygirl, you have your own very wonderful way of putting your own observations to paper - and succinctly at that - and it's great stuff. There's a reason why your readership is larger than mine, even as new a blogger as you are.

But I thank you for reading and for the props :)

Ambulance Driver said...

To steal a line from another blogger we likes,

"I said to myself, 'self, if we weren't already deeply in lust with BabsRN, we'd kidnap this Monkeygirl and spirit her off somewhere to entertain us in humorous and lascivious ways.'"

Thanks for the link, Ma'am. ;)

Matt G said...

I posted a follow-up post on Perspectives-- I found out what happened to Tony.

--Matt G