Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Night Shift Fitness: Social Version

It's nice to know that it's not the Bacon Cheeseburgers making me fat, it's my friends. Now I'm going to get rid of all my friends and go to Sonic by myself. In fact, since I won't have my friends there making me fat, I can have the Oreo Blast, too. Thank God. I was wondering what I was going to replace my Diet Dr. Pepper with, you know, since it's all unhealthy and all, now.


Kim said...

Yeah, what is UP with THAT? I live on and for Diet Pepsi - oh well, I'd rather live until 80 with my soda than to 85 without it.

Geeze - diet freakin' soda; can't enjoy anything in life anymore.

Ben said...

They are saying it in school: peer pressure is BAD!

mielikki said...

Ahh, this explains it. I immediately called my best friend and told her to cease and desist!

beajerry said...

Thank you for posting that.
I was thinking along the same sarcastic lines when I saw that story on the evening news.
They had the two sisters who went off their diets the instant the other one had the 'blahs'.
WTF?, I thought.
I know will power is hard sometimes, but total what's with this Will Power Anemia and blaming someone else for it?