Monday, July 16, 2007

Endangered Species

I was looking at the World Wildlife Fund website the other day (because it has cool pictures, OK?) and I had a thought about another endangered species that hasn't gotten much press.

You've all probably heard of it: the North American Turn Signal. Closely related to the Japanese Turn Signal, and the Korean Turn Signal, this elusive beast was once seen on all of America's open roads. But due to the overall decrease in common sense and courtesy across the country, sightings of the Turn Signal are becoming more and more rare. Ironically, the Running Red Light is becoming much more common, with increased sightings every year.

Especially where I live. In front of me. All the time. Jackasses.


Loving Annie said...

yes, the yellow light seems to be a wholly ignored phenomenom as well, since people run it so often that it must signify nothing at all to them.

The stop sign however appears to still have some faint remnants of command about it.

mielikki said...

the stop-signs in Podunk, Calif are a mere formality. A suggestion, really, especially the 4 way kind.

The Platypus said...

I rarely use a turn signal, it's my way of conserving electricity, but I always slow down or stop before running a red light.

CrankyProf said...

You're just jealous you can't afford one of those ultra-swank cars they make WITHOUT turn signals.

Sevesteen said...

Someone keeps swapping my turn signal with a "Please speed up or slow down as necessary to keep me from switching lanes" signal.

Anonymous said...

The last time I saw an active turn signal on a non-emergency vehicle around here (Redmond, Wash.) was a left-turn blinkie on an SUV, of all things. I was surprised myself!

I was less surprised when that gasbag turned _right_.

Kasza's Konjekture: Car price times IQ is a constant. A fairly _small_ constant.

Felix Kasza.

John said...

LOL- Remember those hand signals for turning when riding a bike!!


BellaLinda said...

I do use my turn signals, even within the confines of the trailer park (and in parking lots). I grew used to "brake and swerve" being the official turn signal of Hampton Roads, though, so I no longer expect my fellow drivers to use them. (San Antonians usually do, though--the only folks I saw obeying the laws in Virginia had Texas license plates.)