Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sumdood was here

Last night in our ER, the average BAL was at least 3 times the average IQ. I am not exaggerating. I wish I was.

At 0300, we had 6 patients in the ER. The only one that was not an intoxicated SPAK (Status Post Ass Kicking) was a 15 month old with a fever.

The guy on bed 6 and the guy on bed 7 with multiple facial injuries were sure that the guy on bed 10 was the guy who beat them up.

The guy on bed 10 had a boxer's fracture that he maintained he got when he fell on his hand after some particularly vigorous dancing at the local club.

Said local club was indeed the one where bed 6 and bed 7 were assaulted.

Prior to seeing the patient on bed 10, bed 6 & bed 7 had stated that "Sumdood" beat them up.

Ergo, we had Sumdood in our ER last night. And he had been busy. I hope his hand injury doesn't put him out of commission for too long.


Nurse K, Generic ER Nurse said...

You saw his face? What did it look like? Did he have horns? Was he casting spells?

Ambulance Driver said...

Don't make eye contact with him. Sumdood possesses fearsome powers of mind control. It's one of his most potent weapons.

Stainless steel handcuffs and a sharpened rosewood caduceus - those are his Kryptonite.

Good luck, and good hunting.

Nurse K, Generic ER Nurse said...

I once looked Sumdood right square in the eyes on the street, and he started to come at me. I didn't have my nunchucks on me, so, in an act of desperation as my life flashed before my eyes, I opened my purse and flashed my health insurance card...that made his skin slough off and he ran away into the night. Apparently, Sumdood can't hold nor possess a health insurance card.

SeaSpray said...

Sumdood really gets around!

Antigonos said...

Sumdood REALLY does get around!

Fever Dog said...

Sumdood should be more careful with his vigorous dancing.