Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm Lucky.

I don't know anyone that is currently serving in Iraq. I do, however, know a lot of people who know someone who is serving in Iraq.

I'm lucky that I don't have to deal with the worry of having a loved one over there. But I really only have a bystander's knowledge of what happens over there. (Translation: whatever spin the media is putting on it today.) So I really appreciate first person viewpoints from people that are actually over there risking their asses, not just making decisions from nice conference rooms.

I appreciate very much the freedom that I have to do whatever the Hell I want. And I appreciate the people that are defending that freedom.

Anyhoo, one of our soldiers that is a friend of a friend has a blog, and he only writes once or twice a week, but it's a great read. So go check it out. And leave him a shout-out and tell him how much his being there means to you.

(The funniest stuff is here, here, and here. But you really should read the other stuff, too.)

And be nice. I didn't ask him if I could invade his privacy. Please don't make me regret it.


Tommy said...

I'm honestly touched that you took the time out to write this. Thanks for supporting the people over here. And anyone who happens by, please remember you might not support the war, but keep supporting the people who are left to fight it. Thanks.

radioactive girl said...

I just wrote about supporting the soldiers today. I will go check out that blog.

Cailin said...

That soldier(Lieutenant Commander, actually) you wrote about is my uncle (I just found your blog through his)...anyways, I really appreciate what you wrote even though you said you don't know anyone serving over there personally, it was touching for those of us that do! All the thoughts and prayers, from anyone mean so much!

Loving Annie said...

Teflon Don has an outstanding blog, too... He is a 24 year old kid serving over in Iraq, and incredibly eloquernt --