Friday, June 15, 2007

Dinosaurs on the Ark?

There's an article in The Economist about a museum that opened last month in Petersburg, KY. It's called the Creation Museum, and it's a $27 million attempt to merge creation with evolution into a bizarre combination of science and religion.

Articles from Yahoo! News and the New York Times describe high-tech dioramas that have dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden, and even on Noah's Ark.

Here's my favorite quote, from

The museum says that, if Noah took two of every animal on his ark, he must have had dinosaurs. Could dinosaurs have fit into a boat only 300 cubits (about 135m) long? “It is likely that God brought young adults. Being smaller, they would be easier to care for.”
Yeah. Every animal on earth, and now little bitty dinosaurs, too. Sure. That's how it happened.


beajerry said...

Adam and Eve left the garden because Raptors kept nipping at their bits and pieces.

The Platypus said...

So he had room for dinosaurs but not unicorns? That's fucked up.

Loving Annie said...

unh-huh. sure thing...

I like what beajerry said !

Alexis said...

pity no one swatted one of the two mosquitos.

911DOC said...

i'm glad you've got it all figured out monkey-girl. who's your daddy?