Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Maternal What?

I just read an article on MSNBC about the two retarded Vegans that starved their kid to death. (Note to people with mentally handicapped/developmentally disabled family members: I say retarded. I'm sorry it offends you. I don't call mentally handicapped/developmentally disabled people retarded. I call retarded people retarded.)

Then I read this post by CharityDoc about how he couldn't find anyone else to give a shit about a poor, abused kid.

Then I read this article, through a post by Dr. Nic, about a kid who was kidnapped while her parents ate dinner in a restaurant down the street.

The majority of the pregnant women and mothers that I come in contact with are either high school students, drug addicts/alcoholics, or unemployed. (And every single one of them smoke at least a pack a day.) Very few have the ability to take care of themselves, much less their kids. I was born without a biological clock, and I still feel the urge to take at least two babies a day away from their parents.

Once upon a time, having a kid was a big decision that people prepared for. Now it's a side effect of sex. It's disturbing and it's sad.

Maternal Instinct is no more. It's now Maternal Extinct.


Mother Jones RN said...

I'm seeing this trend, too.

I was really a crazy, over protective mom when my kids came along. I raced my children to the doctor all the time for EVERYTHING. Yeah, I was nuts. One day I asked my GP if he was sick of me for bringing the kids in all of the time. He smiled. He said he'd rather deal with a mother who was a "little over protective" than one who didn't give a crap about her kids. Now I have a better understanding of what he was talking about. It's sad.


DK said...

I just finished up my semester of OB nursing and WOW and I going to be changed forever. Now, my clinical wasn't even in the ghetto hospital but I still saw things there every day that made me shake my head and wonder how some people can be so stupid. You're so right when you say that babies are just a side effect of sex now. In post-partum I had one mother the whole time who was 1. married to the father and 2. planned the pregnancy. The rest? Well, let's say that Springer won't run out of material anytime soon.

As for the vegan family, they are just flat out retarded. 6 weeks old at 3.5 lbs and they didn't think there was a problem until minutes before he died? Besides that, they were feeding him soy milk and apple juice? What about breast milk?!?!

Anyway, love the blog, I'm a regular reader now.

Antigonos said...

Check out the "Vegetarian Mama, Vegan Baby" blog where I'm being flamed for telling grieving Mom that her decision to have a home birth may have been the reason her baby was stillborn. Getting lots of hate mail, and apparently she avoided antenatal testing and the baby was over 9lbs...interesting...
Such irresponsibility!
But why wasn't the vegan mom breastfeeding? Is that an anti-vegan thing? Aren't Isomil and certain other baby formulas free of milk protein?

John McElveen said...

Standing and Clapping! Bravo Bravo--- damn well put!!


May I use Maternal Extict @ work? We are trying to figure out a way to get DEPO in our towns water supply!!!!

Catherine said...

I do want to offer a glimmer of hope.

My daughter was the result of an unplanned pregnancy that happened while I was in high school. I did not drink during my pregnancy, I did not do drugs, and I worked full-time. I'd like to think that I was and am a good mother to her.

There are still some of us out there that care, even if the odds seemed stacked against us.

MomX3 said...

Once again my point is proven that any idiot can have a baby...It takes real brains to actually be a parent. There should be a "one strike and you're out" rule for stupid parents. Then, depending on the severity, they have to be fixed so they can't have anymore kids... That should also happen to people who sexually abuse children. But don't get me started on that...

Anonymous said...

There was NEVER a once upon a time, and pregnancy has always been a side effect of having sex. If you dont believe that you are really out of touch. Do you think this is something the world just caught on to? Way back all those years ago, women just either gave away their children, or allowed their mothers to raise them. Then their child was raised as their siblings. It happened all the time.

As for child abuse it also has been around for awhile now. The BIG difference (and a good one) is that now it is illegal...Kids used to get beat and there was nothing anyone could ever do about it. Ask any old person what they remember about belts and razor straps.

Just A Midwife said...

I dunno what to say except that I'm nodding so hard my dogs are staring at me.

Anonymous said...

antigonos - No, vegans hardily endorse breast feeding. (And I'm only a vegetarian!) You can get soy-free formula, but the added protein tends to come from animal sources. However, the parents in this case are so stupid that they probably are unable of telling their ass from a hole in the wall, so.

My own experience: my mother did foster care for years while I was growing up. I saw mothers struggle against addiction, abuse, and poverty to regain custody of their children. I have seen perfectly middle-class mothers neglect, abuse, and abandon their children for no particular reason. It cuts all ways.

MonkeyGirl said...

Open note to all the good moms out there: yes, you exist, and some of you beat fantastic odds. My hat is off to you. I'm not saying that you're not out there. You are, however, in the minority.

And I know bad moms come from good circumstances, too. It's like MomX3 said,"Any idiot can have a takes real brains to be a parent."

In my personal life, I know many good moms. In my work life....not so much.

miranda5 said...

God. I hate stories like this. It casts all the rest of us (all the few of us?) in the same bad light.

I don't know what else to say but words that require the shift key and the number bar.

Joeymom said...

I have two boys. They were both planned. I am married to their father (and they both have the SAME father). Amazing. I still get parenting advice in the Wal-mart by random people who don't like it that my 5-year-old rides in the cart (he's autistic; I figure its better than having him meltdown on the floor or run up and down the aisles tracking the shelves.) And I get hate emails all the time because we don't do chelation and stuff, about what a horrible person I am and should be fixed.

But these stories are in the realm of Twilight Zone.