Wednesday, May 30, 2007

He's Invincible

Head on over to Ambulance Driver's place and read about Sumdood.

You've heard of him before. But I bet you didn't realize how evil he was.....

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Nurse Kelly said...

Ah, Sumdood. The perpetrator of every crime leading to abraisions, broken noses, and lacerations in the young male African-American population.

Sumdood: Back the F up. He's ALL up in your hizzy and he be trash-talkin yo girl and be trying to kick yo ass when all you be trying to do is mind yo own business NOT DRINKING NOR USING DRUGS OFFICER. Apparently, the leading risk factor for street violence is "minding one's own business." That's because Sumdood don't care WHAT you're doing. Your ass is HIS.