Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Does "Thinking" really mean "Bitchy"?

Jerseygirl89 over at Dirty Little Secret has just given me a Thinking Blogger award. I'm befuddled, frankly. I mostly just bitch and moan with a rant or two thrown in. I suppose it's flattering to be considered a "Thinking Blogger", but I've been trying to wrap my brain around it for two days now, and I just can't. So much for thinking.

I'm supposed to pick 5 more people and pass this on like a good little Blogger. I'm very sorry, Jerseygirl, but I really dislike the whole pick 5 people or 8 people or whatever. So I'm not going to make anyone play. However, I will say this.

Kelly at Crass-Pollination makes me think. She makes me think that I'm not totally crazy, because she sees the same shit that I do.

ERnursey makes me think. She makes me think about the serious side of the things that we do. She doesn't just make fun of people like I do.

girlvet over at madness: tales of an emergency room nurse makes me think. She makes me think that there is a way to be serious sometimes and funny, too. A lot of the stuff she comes up with is really thought provoking. (She intimidates me a bit, too. But don't tell her I said that.)

Mother Jones at Nurse Ratched's Place makes me think. She makes me think that I'm a bit of an ER snob, and she has probably forgotten more about nursing than I've ever known. She can tie just about anything in the world (with a picture included) into a story about nursing. Now that is someone to look up to.

And last, but certainly not least, is Kim over at Emergiblog. She makes me think that someday, I would like to grow up. And if and when I do grow up, I think that I would like to be Kim. Because Kim has been there, done that, and is still doing it.

Thank you, ladies. You make me think.


ERnursey said...

aw gee *blush* thanks! Seriously though, those blogs named along with yours are the ones I read every day.

girlvet said...

HAHAHAHAH I think I should rename my blog The Intimidator - yeah! Its true I am an outspoken, blunt, pretty much fearless gal....thanks monkey girl. I read you daily too.