Saturday, May 19, 2007

Buh-Bye PMS?

This article on MSNBC says that if I take these new birth control pills, then I won't be a bitch once a month.

Translation: If I take these new birth control pills, everyone will know that I really am that bitchy all the time. I will no longer have an excuse for one week out of the month.


KC Saul said...

The regular period is a sign to some of us that our bodies are working right. I don't particularly want to give that up. Even if it does meant that every 28 days or so things get a little tense.

C. said...

I have been taking Seasonale for 2 years and love every single bit of it. I dont need to know things are working correctly if it means terrible cramps, BAD PMS, exhaustion, etc. Even when I am off for the week every 90 days I get nothing and love it.