Monday, October 1, 2007

If Only...

UW had hung on to beat USC, then this would have been the best weekend of football ever. At least their ugly win was enough for LSU to take over #1.

As it was, Michigan won, Penn State lost, Kansas City won, and Pittsburgh lost, so MonkeyHusband is sulking and I'm gloating. (Quietly, but gloating nonetheless.)

I wonder if Charlie Weis is getting death threats yet?

And how about that Brett Favre?


MonkeySister said...

You know on the Peanuts cartoons when they have the teacher talking and it just sounds like "Waah waah wahh waaa wahh waah waah wahh...."

Have fun quietly gloating. That's always a plus. :)

911DOC said...

it's hard to hate usc and pete carrol, but i have managed to do it.

Full-On-Forward said...

Hey Girly- How bout them Cocks!!!

I guess I finally have something to cheer about! After 104 years it's about freaking time!!!

I was at the Mississippi Game and it was awesome. Watch us as we whip up on Kentucky badly this Thursday on ESPN--"The ONLY Game in The Nation that Night LOL!!!

Favre is my all time favorite guts, gonads and glory football player. He would play with one leg if he had to. And he's soooo REAL!

Have a great one MG- PS- I'll come up with some puking sickening corn for ya soon!--PROMISE!!!

LOL, John


Antigonos said...

Here in Israel we get 5 games of NFL a week (including Sunday night and Monday night football). In previous years I have noticed that whenever a game with the Washington Redskins was screened, and I watched it "live", the Redskins invariably lost. So I began taping the games...

Now my son who lives in NY brought me a Redskins cap, and if I wear it, DC wins...must remember to put it on every Sunday.

Brett? Love him, love him...