Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pencil Pushers

They changed our ER billing procedures, and (among other things) you can no longer charge for application of a dressing to a wound unless it was a burn.

Note on the whiteboard at the nurses' station: "You can not charge for dressings unless your patient has been on fire!"


CrankyProf said...

What kinds of dressings do you offer? Ranchh? Bleu cheese? A little Thousand Island or French?

I'd think your "customers" would want a selection...

Bo... said...

I hereby "tag ya" with a meme where you tell 8 things about yourself. (Don't kill me---I'm curious!)

shrimplate said...

What if, you know, you just the iron on for a little too long?

Constance said...

Too strange.
What kind of bean counters figured that one out ?

Full-On-Forward said...

Ok- to good to pass up- I'll Kling to this one- That's a Wrap- "Cut" Nope- no dressing-not a burn!

This is awesome- I gotta post this at Urgent Scare!!!



Ambulance Driver said...

Dressing? On a burn?

That's just silly.

Everyone knows you put butter on a burn.

Joeymom said...

Can you charge for undressing if the patient hasn't been on fire?