Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ahhhh...Free stuff.....

There have been several posts lately about one of my personal pet peeves.

GruntDoc started it, and Scalpel wins my "Analogy of the Year" Award.

Look at the bright side. It's job security...... Until the hospital goes under.


Barbara said...

Grady has been in trouble for SO long. And they're right, the other hospitals would crush under the weight of their patients if they close. Grady's the "county hospital" for Atlanta and maintains a clinic that receives statewide referrals. Emory, being a teaching system, might be able to pick up some of it but not anywhere near the level that Grady gets, especially in their ED.

It all comes down to a simple, basic, fundamental truth, no matter how many people try to make it untrue: Anything that is abused will eventually go away.

I hope they can save it. And I'm really glad I don't work in Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

Listened to a momma who was bringing in her (medicaid) baby for a fever ranting the other night. She was pissed because she'd brought her friend and between them they had maybe five kids under the age of five years -- and having to wait for an hour in the waiting room was making the kids restless. The rant went something like this:
"They take people back by how sick they are? That's nonsense. Wut if people who're sicker 'n you keep comin' in and you keep gettin pushed back? We'll be here ah' night. They need to take people back in order so we's can get out of here."

I found it very interesting that she hit upon the fundamental difficulty of bringing a non-urgent person to the ER...and totally didn't get it. Take your kid to the fucking clinic if you want to wait in line!

(But how can I complain? My mother goes through the ED and ICU once every six months to a year, when her potassium drops so low that she can't move her legs anymore. She doesn't have insurance and with the minimal payments that we can afford, we won't have her 3 stays paid off by the time *I* die.)

Constance said...

Good Sunday morning the 29th to you Monkeygirl !

Just came by to say hello and see what was new with you !

Today is "thank-you's" on my blog, and you are mentioned with a link !

*cyber hugs and smiles*
Loving Annie

p.s. Going to go read about one of your pet peeves now !

Constance said...

oh yeah... Scalpel deserves the award !!!!

911DOC said...

not sure if you saw this one. how's your vision?