Saturday, May 5, 2007

No, I am NOT Crazy...

Do you ever see or hear something that reminds you of something from a TV show or commercial or movie or something, and then when you say it people look at you like you're crazy?

These are the top three things that I am reminded of all the time that NOBODY ELSE remembers.

Trigger: "I'm on my way."

Response: "I am on my WAYYYYYYYY! I am calling for Backup! No, DON'T BACK UP!" (the only Travelocity commercial that I thought was funny)

Trigger: "God, it's hot in here."

Response: "It is so very HOT...." followed by, "Cold coal." followed by,"While MuMu the Tahitian Sun Goddess fans me with her solar panels..." (bits and pieces of an old Coors Light Radio Commercial)

Trigger: "I thought I was never going to get out of that room!"

Response: "I'm an ATM vestibule....with Jill Goodacre!" (Scene from the only episode of 'Friends' I remember)

If only somebody had those three things in their brain, too. Then I wouldn't feel so lonely.

Of course, if I could keep myself from blurting out the response everytime somebody says the trigger, it might help, too.


Catherine said...

I am glad that happens to someone else. It is so easy to derail me in a conversation because it seems like every other sentence a person utters acts as a trigger, lol.

Then of course people goggle at you and have no clue why you would burst out with something like that.

dr. nic said...

It happens to me too. And for the record, I remember the first and third items on your list.

#1 Dinosaur said...

No, I am NOT crazy.

Sure you are; this just isn't a manifestation of it, though.

SeaSpray said...

Great Blog! I read most of your posts and am blogrolling you. :)

ERnursey said...

You work in an ER, of course you are crazy.

Full-On-Forward said...

Is it hot in here or is it just me? I thought I would never get out of this room- but I'm on my way!

Trigger, Trigger, Trigger-- Roy Rogers horse- and the Lone Ranger- Hi Ho Silver -- AWAAAAAAY!

Badges- we don need no stinkin badges! Every time I hear the Word Taxes, or Badgers- I go into that!

Crazy together.


Anonymous said...

We now have medications to treat these symptoms...with only minor side effects! Really... (but don't worry, there are meds to counteract to side effects...)

mielikki said...

why stop yourself? Odds are the people around you, (as well evidenced here) will get what your saying, and chime in. We can all be crazy together. I do it, too. . .

Radioactive Tori said...

I do this...thankfully my husband either gets or pretends to get my crazy shouted out responses.

Full-On-Forward said...

I tink it's a totally normal part of life! Give enough Prozac, Effexor, Lithium, Zoloft etc and you will stiffle every creative juice as well as 99% of all Country Western Soungs which are built on Heartache!

I don't dislike them-- I take one of the SSRI's-- but I shore don't think it's crazy to pull axioms and idiots--idioms-sorry from movies!

Make it so number 2!
Lassie, Timmie fell in the well?
Flipper- what the fuck u saying? ehhh ehh hehheh heeh.
Beam me up Snottie.

Gulp - just swallowed the Blue Pill.

I'm OK now. Knittig small doily for coffe table. What do you put under Coasters to keep them form scratching you table?

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 6 being the highest- where is your pain.
Going to bed now!