Thursday, September 3, 2009

Word of the Day

entubulate \en-TOOB-yoo-late\ (verb): to place a breathing tube down the throat of a redneck for the purpose of mechanically ventilating the lungs.

ie: "The doctor told me after my gallbladder surgery that I have a crooked neck and he had a hard time entubulatin' me."

During a redneck code, often the patient will be both entubulated and defibulated.


Anonymous said...

(Wilth all sorts of apologies to Tom Jones...)

MonkeyGirl, MonkeyGirl, we love yooooou...

Yes, we do!

You and your MonkeyGirl posts.

So start postin' again.

pAula said...

ha ha! You must be in Orygun like me!