Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hey boys....

....did you know that your penis is only worth $300,000?

There are several questions that beg to be asked about this article. For instance,

  1. What was it doing when it caught the necrotizing faciitis?
  2. At 61 years old, is this a reduced rate? How much is a, say, 30 year old penis worth?
  3. How's that replacement penis working out for you?
Ah. The joys of prison.

Sorry Mom. I just can't resist a good penis joke.


Tex said...

"A penis from My Thigh"

Sounds like a country song.

'Wanted my neighbor to die
But went to Aberdeen instead
Met a girly guy
Now I have a penis
Made from thigh'

Makes you want to grab a beer and cry.

Matt said...

I figure that mine has been 100,000 miles, so it is fully depreciated now. I have limited the wear-and-tear by keeping it fully lubed, though.

Amanda said...

Well just driving it off the lot caused 20-30% depreciation. Hopefully, you store it in a garage.

Sarah ( said...

It's prison penis, so you have to calculate its worth in cigarettes.

Laura said...

Nah, not cigarettes - they use macks now.

WhiteCoat said...

Several POUNDS of "flesh"!?!?
What was he, an elephant?
I'll go sulk back to my room now.

forest hunter said...

heh.......... WhiteCoat: Care to wager about his skin tone?

artillerywifecq said...

i would like to know what he was doing when he contracted it.. a very astute question!