Monday, September 22, 2008

News from my Football World

1. The Wolverines didn't lose on Saturday! OK, so they didn't play on Saturday. Go ahead. Be all technical about it.

2. The Chiefs lost yet again (at one point in the first quarter, our starting quarterback, who was the third string quarterback two weeks ago, was 2/14 for 12 yards and 2 INTs.) But the Patriots got beat worse by MIAMI, so that cancels out the loss. Sorta.

I was wearing my Michigan hat when I went to Costco the day after the Notre Dame loss, and a complete stranger went out of his way to tell me that he was sorry about my team.



Anonymous said...

You forgot, "...and my Buckeyes won!"

MonkeyGirl said...

I would say, "Hell, even my Wolverines could beat freakin' Troy, for cryin' out loud,"......

....but I'm not so sure that they could.

Power to the sweater vest.

Epijunky said...

MG... I'm there with you. Believe me.

Scarlet and gray flags all around me, Epi

EE said...

"1. The Wolverines didn't lose on Saturday! OK, so they didn't play on Saturday. Go ahead. Be all technical about it."

*really loud snort*

Texas Tech won. (and we're number 1 in passing yards, boo ya!)
Virginia Tech won.
BYU won.
Wake Forest won.
Seahawks won.

I won a lot of money.
Good week.

Well, except for Oregon. Damn you, Ducks.

Anonymous said...

The rumor floating around KS is that Herm is purposely trying to lose (esp. against other third rate teams) so that we get the first draft pick next year. Although if you suggest that to HIM, he's likely to start yelling and pounding his fists so...

Pharmacy God said...

I had three different people approach me at my son's football game last night to "discuss" Michigan's team this year.

Like their precious Buckeyes did so well against Troy.

Can'tSpell, DVM said...


Course, we just lost a nail biter against LSU.

Darn bayou huggars.

Alan said...

How come nobody mentioned the Spartans? They're my team and watch out Wolverines!

M said...

I'm going to see the Chiefs "play" the Broncos on Sunday. Going to watch them "rebuild" some stuff. I bet the construction at Arrowhead will be more fun to watch.

On the other hand, IF something weird happens and they *gasp* WIN, it's going to be a funny ride home, since my 14 year old son likes the Broncos. He might be riding in the back of the truck all the way home.

Sara said...

Sooo.... Wisconsin loses. Are you gonna update the Suck-O-Meter or what?