Monday, June 16, 2008


On my last post, somebody left this comment:

"Did your shit job make you stupid, or do you have a shit job because you're so stupid?"
So I'm thinking, "What the hell does that mean? It doesn't even make any sense! I don't have a shit job and I'm not stupid. Did one of my whiny co-workers take offense? (Though most of my co-workers make sure I know who is posting when they comment.) What is this Condoleeza person talking about? I don't get it!

Then I re-read the post. When I was talking about the Stocking and Cleaning Fairy, I said:
"Like Fibromyalgia, she does not exist."
Ah-ha! It's a Fibromyalgeur!

Yay, trolls!

Unlike fairies, trolls are real.


Rogue Medic said...

Ah, but have you ever seen a troll.

Old bloggers regale us with stories of trolls, show us occasional troll droppings, maybe even point to a digital version of a jackalope, but where is the true troll?

What is its taxonomy?

Can you, as a nurse, treat a troll?

Can a veterinarian?

Can a mechanic?

I suspect that these trolls are just random disordered bits of data that collect wherever the word anonymous occurs (or Condoleeza).

Or it could be mass hallucination.

Or something like the "Who shot JR?" problem. When I wake up I expect answers.

Now, off to find some loonies blog about fibromyalgia so I can leave misleading troll droppings.

ERP said...

Maybe if you push her into the water she will turn to stone like ones in the fairy tales.

Joeymom said...

What? There's no such thing as fibro fairies?

I am SOOOOOO disappointed.

Anonymous said...

I heard that if you leave a Vicodin under your pillow, the Fibromyalgia Fairy will take it and leave you a positive patient satisfaction score. However, the Fibro Fairy *will* be back the next night to look for another one because she "lost" the first one...

Evil Lunch Lady said...

May the trolls be with you.....or not:)

mojitogirl said...

You have become quite the magnet for controversy....I'm jealous!

undergrad RN said...

I think the trolls feel justified because Lyrica MAKES it real (right?)

The commercial makes me laugh. Pity party!

Evil Me said...

i think you're awesome. let the trolls eat dirt.

911DOC said...

fibromyalgia must be real, it's in wikipedia, duh.

Sarah said...

People who don't work in health care just don't understand. What I don't understand is why these obnoxious people keep reading your blog if they find it so offensive. And then they feel they have to leave a rude comment, like anyone gives a shit.

Borderline Agoraphobic said...

LOL!! That comment by "Anonymous" made me almost fall out of my chair!!

I read your blog whenever I can. I don't want to be considered a troll, so I'm leaving a comment!

Keep up the good work..

JackeeG4glamorous said...

Hey, lay off the Lyrica, (although the annoying fibromyalgia commmercial lures one to sneer) Lyrica is great for other disease states, such as trigeminal neuralgia.

Barbara Martin said...

The commenter obviously does not understand you work in a stressful job and by posting your comments on your blog, that you are relieving yourself of that stress.

Besides, if you believe there are trolls then there are fairies.

CountyRat said...

Condoleeza, if MonkeyGirl is a stupid person with a shitty job, what does it matter what she writes? Why are you wasting your time reading stupid, shitty blogs? Silly rabbit.

By the way, I happen to disagree with MonkeyGirl about fibromyalgia. However, a difference of opinion between colleagues does not mean that one of them is stupid. It means that we both still have things to learn. My respect for MonkeyGirl is not diminished. In my experience, it is intelligent people, not stupid ones, who are most likely to form strong opinions and voice them clearly. Because I prefer clarity to congeniality, I respect MonkeyGirl for her writing. She is very smart, you know.