Friday, May 30, 2008

Don't mess with the IRS

So this guy in Louisiana declared himself an "Ambassador and Citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven under its King Jesus the Christ", which supposedly gave him diplomatic immunity from federal jurisdiction and meant he didn't have to pay his taxes.

He's been sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison and owes Uncle Sam over $150K.

So much for that.


Babs said...

"Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's..."

This guy doesn't help anything.

Joeymom said...

Damn. I was hoping to start my own religion and get out of taxes by having my house proclaimed a religious center.

So much for that.

Anonymous said...

What an absolute and total idiot this guy is. There are a couple of things that are certain in life: death and the IRS. The IRS is not somone you try and cheat or pull some hairbrained scheme on. I've heard the stories from relatives who are CPAs and Tax Attorneys.

Anne said...

So what you're saying is my plan to declare my apartment The Independent Land of Myselfia doesn't really have legs?

Anonymous said...

He was my dentist. And as I am quivering dental fear freak who had to get nitrous before getting the needle, I tell you he was a great dentist, the very best of many I've been to.
As a tax planner or realist, he wasn't so good. But the boys in prison are going to get the best dentist ever.