Thursday, April 17, 2008


Let me tell you about Paul.

Paul is one of the providers in my ER.

Paul is brilliant medically (or so I've heard).

Paul looks 16, drives a Corvette, and if he didn't wear that bizarre green and pink striped shirt, would be pretty good looking.

And he makes me absolutely crazy. On so many different levels. Some of them too disturbing to relate here.

Even worse, Paul reads this blog. And Paul wants to be on the blog. So every time he does or says anything within earshot or eyesight of yours truly, he follows it with, "Are you gonna put that on your blog?"

The answer is always, "No, Paul, you're not funny enough for my blog."

Until the other night when Deborah Peel came in. She's a regular, comes in about twice a month for various psych issues. This time, she was just drunk. REALLY drunk. Almost .400 drunk.

Paul saw/treated her. Obviously, she wasn't going to be sober enough to go home anytime, oh, this week, so he signed her out to the next doc. I was in her room redrawing her ETOH level when he stuck his head around the corner to say goodbye. To me or Deborah, we'll never know.

Because he got a devilish gleam in his eyes and headed into the room with his arms spread wide, saying, "Deborah, honey, I'm leaving now, can I give you a goodbye hug?"

Did I mention that Deborah is about 100 years old, toothless, and stinks to high heaven?

She said, "Hell yeah, baby, you can give me anything you want, you sweet little thing! You're CUTE!"

Hug happened, my eyes burned, laughter exploded, and Paul left. At which point, Deborah looked at me and said, "I wish I was going to remember this in the morning. He's sure a cutie!"

As I walked out of the room, she said, "Hey, why don't you write down his number for me so I can have it when I wake up. I won't know where I got it, but I'll still have it!"

If I'd known his number, I think I might have.


MonkeySister said...

Congratulations Paul! Hope it was all you were wishing it would be. You're an instant star now that you're on MG's blog.

firefighter girl said...

hmm. . .she sure likes those hugs. When she was up here in our ER a couple weeks ago, she gave lots of folks hugs.

turns out, she had scabies and lice.

makes you itch a little just to think about it, eh?

John McElveen said...

Congrats for making the blog Paul. And for showing compassion to someone most people would sweep to the side of the street! Great bedside manner.


PS: Kwell works better than Nix

RehabNurse said...

Aww...he must really like you, and want to do anything to get into this blog!

No tellin' what this doc will do next. I'll bet you all enjoy having him around the ED.