Friday, April 11, 2008

FedEx screwed up and I got a post out of it!

Remember this guy?

Today FedEx delivered my $300 telescope lens to him, and his box of cool shit from to me.

I coulda made the driver take care of it tomorrow, but MonkeyHusband was having a stroke. So I trotted my fat ass down the street to retrieve said lens.

His wife, kid, and house are quite normal-appearing.


It's scary how easily NASCAR rednecks can infiltrate the general population.......


Tory said...

I just stumbled upon your blog by accident. I've read most of it and enjoyed it very much.
I'll put you on my blogroll, if that's ok with you. Stop by and visit me sometime.
Take care

Babs said...

Uh-uh-but-but-but-but I liiiiiiike favorite driiiiiver won the Daytona Five Huuuuunnnnndreeeeeddddd...

MonkeyGirl said...


Babs, this whole post was for you, especially the last line.

I know all about your bizarre NASCAR fetish. It is a conundrum that has no equal.

You're still my favorite, even if you like NASCAR.

EE said...

I though I was your favorite.


Damn these hormones. :) LMAO

Derek Elwell said...

I'd watch NASCAR more if it wasn't for FOX. I wish someone would run over that sorry-ass gopher cam.

Tex said...

Hey, NASCAR fan here. We are not all rednecks, but in NC, who can tell?

Does anyone own camouflage scrubs?
Now THATS rednecky!

CrankyProf said...

Hey, now...I have been known to watch wrasslin', and I'm a perfectly normal lookin' redneck.

(You have no idea how much it freaked one of my students out when he saw me in a really old ECW t-shirt.)