Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Air Freshener for the Mind

And just as good as a nice smelling patient is a nice acting patient. When there's a polite, educated patient in the department, we all want to go talk to them. It's like Brain Bleach. It makes all the bad stuff go away.

Of course, I usually just want to find out where they're from. Because it sure the hell ain't HERE!


Evil Lunch Lady said...

Then the advice our mothers gave us about clean underwear is in order then:)

LadyBugCrossing said...

You know - mom always told me to be a good patient (she was a nurse). The other thing she told me was, "Don't shame your mother." If people just acted nice and followed those two rules, your job would be so much more pleasant.

NJ EMS said...

This post brought back child hood memories

MonkeySister said...

Isn't it the truth. The only time I've been to the ER was when we were on vacation last summer and really had no other choice. We were pleasant as punch and since my kids are so darned cute, everyone just flocked to us. Either that or we bathe regularly... You pick.

C. said...

I had a surgeon thank me for being such a nice, cooperative patient. While waiting for the OR to be prepped, we were surfing ebay looking for antique medical supplies. I am not so sure I smelled so good, but I had an excuse - I was sick and in for surgery ;)

EDNurseasauras said...

It is true that everything worth knowing was learned in kindergarten:
Change your underwear
Be polite, say please, thank you and may I.
Wait your turn.
Be generous.
Be a friend.
Treat others as you would like to be treated.

ER's Mom said...

Yeah, but the nice patients always have bad things happen to them. :(