Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yes, I know most of you don't care.

A friend of mine just sent me this picture with instructions to post it on my blog. Since it is a great picture, I will do so. Anyone who watched the game knows how freakin' FANTASTIC this particular score was.

Note Peyton Manning on the lower left. I still love him even if he's sort of a Duke fan. (Duke football really doesn't count.)


ndenunz said...

Are you looking forward to the probable rematch in the ACC tournament?

911DOC said...

DOOK GOES DOWN IN CAMERON. SO SAD ON SENIOR NIGHT AND ALL. fully expect them to win if they play carolina gain as they pay off the officials and cheat with black magic.

MonkeyGirl said...

Yes, I'm looking forward to the rematch.

No, Duke WILL NOT win the rematch, regardless of the black magic and bribes.

UNC barely lost the first game when Ty Lawson was out.

This time, Duke completely shut Hansbrough down and he still scored 15 and got 16 boards. And Lawson was iffy at best.

Next game the TarHeels are gonna annihilate them.

bluedevildoc said...

Holy crap. A Tar Hole fan...and the rest of you, too. I may have to nuke a few of my favorite bookmarks. Seriously, though, as painful as it was, Carolina was damned impressive in Cameron. If they can bottle that, I don't know who can beat them.
Not all of the Heels are worthless--I did my residency at UNCH. Some might say that proves it, but who listens to them anyway.

911DOC said...

hey bludevildoc,
as a big 'heels fan i will thank you for your gracious post and say that i would rather have dinner with coach k with coach roy and i think k runs a fantastic program. best to you sir.

911DOC said...

sorry bluedevildoc, can't resist... what part of new jersey are you from?