Friday, February 1, 2008

Saving the world, one idiot at a time

The guy from the furniture store came to fix a broken part on my sofa/recliner today, just in time for the Super Bowl.

He was the bestest repair guy E-V-E-R! When I scheduled the appointment, I told him that I would be getting up early (at 4 pm) so that he could come fix it, and he said, "Just put your phone by your bed and I'll call you and wake you up when I'm driving down your street. That way you don't have to get up early if I'm running late."

While he was fixing the part, he aked me where I worked nights, and I told him.

His response?

"I have a friend that used to work nights in the ER. She quit and started working home health. She said that the idiots are much easier to deal with one at a time."


emergencyem said...


Penelope said...

Let me give you my take:

I taught school for ten years. I decided I didn't want to deal with the idiocies of adolescent behavior anymore. So I got an administrative job in the private sector. I am now back in teaching.

The moral of this story: adolescent behavior is way easier to handle out of adolescents than it is out of adults.

-- Karen

Kacey said...

Oh No! It is so hard to get trained ER nurses. Sad to think that even one is wasted on home health care.

Nurse K said...

We have a nurse that went from HHC to ER and she's about the slowest nurse you'll ever encounter. She wants to make too many phone calls to relatives and call too many doctors on her own.

Mom In Scrubs said...

The real question is: do you want to deal with the idiots on YOUR turf or theirs? I did a 6 mo home health rotation in nursing school and you would not believe some of the filth and squalor that some of those patients call home. It's a wonder I never came home with scabies, or lice, or....eeew.