Tuesday, February 26, 2008


For those of you who like to look at pictures that make you cringe, I submit the following link: Soccer: The Most Dangerous Sport on Earth. I would just post the picture, but it kinda made me cringe.

BTW: There's a doc who always calls me over to look at all of his "cool" chest and abdomen films, you know, the ones with a big pneumonia or obstruction or something, and I've told him repeatedly to stop because I just don't see anything but fractures on x-ray, everything else just makes me go blind and cross-eyed (for instance, I really liked the .25 to the thigh that created a fantastically shattered femur) so hey, Doc? This is an x-ray I would like to see.


08ArmyDoc said...

holy f&*k!

That'll leave a bruise in the morning, won't it?

Mark said...

I'll second the above exclamation without actually using the above exclamtion.

X-Ray Geek said...

Ummm..That'll leave a mark...x-raying that would be fun. Probably not a recognizable bone left in there..

As for the doc who bugs you with x-rays, you'd hate being around me.

Ron said...

Been there ... done that ... got the prosthtic leg to prove it!