Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Round trip

So, let me get this straight.

Guy is in jail for carjacking and kidnapping. Goes to the hospital for chest pain. Escapes and engages in some more carjacking and kidnapping. Goes to the cemetery, where he is shot dead by the cops. Goes back to the hospital, this time as a dead guy. I'm guessing he'll be going back to the cemetery, too.

The only thing that didn't happen twice in this story is the going to jail part. Well, and the dying part.


Mom In Scrubs said...

Poetic justice at it's best...Love it!

Hey, I need an ER nurse opinion on my most recent post. Have you ever seen anything like this?


travelRN said...

Actually he did do the going to jail part twice. That was the second time he escaped. Yes that is correct the second time. Way to go Justice system

SeaSpray said...

Gee! How ironic!

Babs said...

Actually, there was this one thing that happened once that should never have happened at all:

They removed the handcuffs.

Mother Jones RN said...

I know a few people who work at that hospital, and I'm sure that some how, some way, the nurses are going to get blamed for the patient's escape.


Nurse K said...

It's amazing how many previously asymptomatic people get "chest pain" in the back of a squad car.