Monday, December 3, 2007

Popularity Contest

OK, so I pretty much ignored the Healthcare 100 when it came out a few months back, mostly because I was in the #200+ range. Contests are only fun when you're winning, and popularity contests are only fun if you're a cheerleader popular.

I paid some attention today because the link showed up on my Technorati page again, so I looked just out of curiosity.

I've leapfrogged up a mile to #126. Curious.

But even better is the the curious ratings of some of my favorite bloggers.

WhiteCoat is all the way up to #156 already. Damn over-achiever.

Kim, Mother Jones, GruntDoc, AD, Scalpel, and Dr. Dino are all in the top 100. No surprise there.

Two of my favorite bloggers of all time are immortalized at #82 and #141. *sigh* I miss them both.

In typical fashion, MDOD has snagged both #210 and #233. Greedy bastards.

And just to prove that their ranking system is totally whacked: The Speaker is #181 and Nurse K is #232.



WhiteCoat said...

Hey - half my hits come from you, Kevin, Scalpel, and Nurse K. If it wasn't for you guys, it would be like I was talking to myself in a closet somewhere. Besides, I had some good mentors - you included.
You should definitely have been in the top 50! Where do I write these people?

Jessica said...

This "the speaker" person you link to .... what happened to them? Are they ok? The last posts sound rather disquieting.

MedStudentGod (MSG) said...

There's no way that this is accurate - I'm listed at 528th. Am I really that pathetic? Congrats on being "popular".

Nurse K said...

Well, The Speaker gets more hits from government agencies/Republican operatives who are monitoring her posts than I do. I think that's the difference. I mean, when the entire state, local, and Federal government is hanging on your every word, it tends to boost one's popularity.

scalpel said...

Wow, it's a healthcare gajillion now.

Curious about the Babs' comment deletion. Is there another girlfight on the horizon?

(hoping so) :)

MonkeyGirl said...

I don't do girlfights unless they involve mud or jello.

Nurse K said...

Scalpel is the ER doctor who always has some sort of ill-defined grin on his face whenever the new crop of nursing or Xray tech students come around. He's just hoping they are going to start pulling each others' hair.

In other words, he's a typical ER doctor.

Ambulance Driver said...

MonkeyGirl in a jello wrestling match...

Damn, why does this always happen when I'm not single?

emergencyem said...

Monkeygirl, you're just jealous because you're not 481 like me! I do have 2 spots up on Movin' Meat though...weird.

Babs RN said...

No, Scalpel, no girlfight. I asked her to delete that.

Mother Jones RN said...

Some how it doesn't surprise me that Scalpel likes watching girlfights. I always knew that, deep down, he was a naughty little ER doc :-)